About Us

We build our projects with your dreams and ideas.

ADA PROJE was established in 2009 to produce living spaces and design modern buildings in the construction industry. ADA PROJE, which carries out its activities and invests in line with its establishment purpose, progresses rapidly and safely to its goals.

Our Priority

Structure for human, human for structure

In short, medium and long term planning, ADA PROJE, which analyzes the livable areas, which are the most important among the targets it has set, with the slogan of “building for human, human for building”, is growing rapidly and getting stronger.


Interior Design

Our architects are not only creative people who love design, but are also aware of the impact of culture and beliefs on interior architecture.

Planning & Development


Considering the needs of use, we organize it according to personal taste and tastes, needs, style and style to be applied.

Best Solutions

Project Management

You can review our sample projects that do not ignore aesthetics, security and equipment, and you can contact us for all your questions and opinions.

Our Perspective

Alternative Strategies

ADA PROJE climbs the steps of success, detailing even the smallest details from project details to material selection, staff training to team building, and producing alternative strategies so that growth is controlled and strengthening is positive. ADA PROJE, which is one of the secret heroes in the construction industry, is undoubtedly going to continue to produce in order to add value and give life to the economy …